After 2 years of being officially launched in Thailand, Netflix is still seen as an international and non relevant brand. How do we gain familiarity in Thai market and seep into their daily lives and show that we understand their cultural context? How do we make Netflix consumption and conversations visible to the broader public and enable massive social confirmation of the brand?

Cultural Background:

During the year-end’s holiday, impressions and reaches for ad campaigns hit the lowest point of the year, because Thai urban consumers leave town for vacation. During New Year, social media feeds are flooded with travel pictures, confirming that people just give no interest in anything else besides anything festive.


Hijack the New Year holiday’s most asked question “Where are you going this New Year?” with “Not going anywhere, go to Netflix,” and create an integrated campaign that established this new expression through the use of all media to create aspirational and enjoyment value of Netflix on the same level as travel.

- Online video, TVC emphasizing on peak season traveling pain
- Billboards mimicking street sign
- Free home amenities that support being at home with Netflix
- GIPHY IG Story stickers that make Netflix experience more worth sharing
- Social media contents supporting “Not going anywhere, go to Netflix.”


“Not going anywhere, go to Netflix” became a new hit phrase on social media until today

  • The campaign gained 1.6 M of buzz,
  • 83 Million of Impressions,
  • 35 Million Reaches.